Mr Money! About Ossai Osanebi’s Mammoth Wealth


Friday Ossai Osanebi is the Deputy Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly. At 38, he is the youngest member of the Assembly and in his third term as a legislator representing Ndokwa East constituency. But that is not the story. Friday is loaded and he doesn’t hide it. And he has been throwing money around like a drunken sailor. Check any high-octane shows in town; you would be shocked that he would be physically present, rollicking and frolicking and generally having a blast. He follows the activities on the social calendar with decent abandon. But that is where the positives end.

The gangling Material and Metallurgical Engineering graduate of the Enugu State University (ESUT) sent social media abuzz and agog during the week when pictures of his obscenely magnificent home hit the internet. It broke all the tenets of modesty and brought superfluity to walk on all its fours. Some mischief makers labelled him “Monetary slut” when another school of thought believe that he is just a fortunate Nigerian who was lucky to have met money par chance when it missed road.

Yes, an architectural masterpiece by all ramifications, the interior of the stately home is made out in gold and it is as gaudy and gasp-inducing as they come. Indeed, he spared no expense in fitting out the house, the kind of which is only seen in American hip hop music videos. In his expansive compound are a sparkling white Rolls Royce Wraith and a Bentley. Of course, posers have been raised as to the source of his mammoth wealth. Many say if he could have such home, what would the Speaker of the House or the Governor have? Yes, Delta State is one of Nigeria’s richest states and Ossanebi has been in the frontline of its politics for the past eight years thus, giving him an edge in reaping from its wealth. Apart from a passing reference to the fact that ‘At a tender age, Osanebi found his feet in the global oil and gas market and became a very successful businessman’, there is no record of his career trajectory or businesses. Politics, no doubt, is his primary source of wealth. In his first coming as a legislator, Ossanebi was Chairman, House Committee on Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC), where he was said to have cleaned out massively.