Kate Henshaw, Nigerian  Pride, Export


Nigeria is blessed with exportable resources like oil, coal, metals, agriculture, and now the amazing. Kate Henshaw has been announced as one of the International Judges, representing Nigeria on the New CBS Global talent show, ‘The World’s Best’!!, which is the biggest and best new talent show. She and 49 other international judges make up the Wall of The World, 

Hosted by Emmy Award-winner James Corden, the series is a one-of-a-kind talent competition featuring elite acts from around the globe competing for a $1 million prize and the title of The World’s Best. 

The acts not only have to impress the all-star line-up of American judges Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Charles and Faith Hill, but they will also need to break through the “wall of the world,” featuring more than 50 renowned experts from 38 different countries. 

The “wall of the world” comprised experts from every field of entertainment, from Bollywood to ballet, K-Pop to comedy, martial arts to magic, and everything in between. 

These experts not only have fervent followings in their home countries but, in many cases, internationally, and will offer feedback during every round of the competition and be responsible for helping to decide which act is ultimately crowned The World’s Best. 

“From Nigeria to Japan, from Switzerland to Samoa, our 50 world experts bring a true global presence to our stage,” said executive producer and showrunner Alison Holloway. “Among them are champions, award-winners, international TV judges and even superstars in their native lands. They are knowledgeable, honest and, at times, outrageous. They bring an entirely fresh perspective to the talent show landscape.”