Steamy Alert! 3some Play Returns to Stage

A scene from 3some play

A scene from 3some play

Yinka Olatunbosun engages Joseph Edgar, the Executive Producer of the psycho-erotic play written by Jude Idada, titled “3some”, on why the drama will return to the stage in June

In our contemporary world, it is argued that the way to a man’s heart is good sex or so the argument goes every time the subject of sex and marriage surfaces. It is a reality, authenticated by many marriage counselors and sex therapists, that plunge many marriages into troubles when the subject is not discussed. For this reason, Jude Idada’s “3some’’ was written.

The sexually stimulating drama was performed at the last edition of Lagos Theatre Festival to a mesmerised audience owing to the rich spectacle that accompanied the live performance.

Scenes of sex simulation with a beautifully choreographed female in a see-through costume left the audience completely breathless. Rated 18, the play was a huge box-office success story and the conversations around it continued long after the black out.

In a chat with Joseph Edgar, the producer of “Isale Eko” and “Oba Esugbayi’’, he revealed the rationale for selecting the provocative play, “3some”.

“It appeals to my mischievous self; the need to ‘look for trouble’ and watch people as they react to my taunt,’’ he began. “But seriously ‘3some’ takes on very strong issues that daily confront our marriages and relationships leading to a large level of stress and even collapse of these relationships because of our collective denial. ‘3some’ throws up the stress and phases true love goes through as it seeks true fulfilment. It places a mirror in the society,’’ he explained.

The play, which has as Co-executive Producers, the ace comedian, Ali Baba and famed broadcaster, Olisa Adibua, has themes of marital infidelity, communication, sexual compatibility, love, lust and deep hurt.

It is a theatrical intervention into the world of couples as they seek solutions in and out of marriage. Its explicit content has been a cause for debate amongst theatre goers many of whom had argued that the stage is perhaps too sacred for semi-nudity. Edgar considered the content of the play as a bold statement from the playwright.

“I watched the show and was enamored by its boldness; its willingness to go where most will not go,’’ he continued. “Theatre is sacred to the point that it continues to provide a veritable platform to address all issues that affect the society.

“We cannot continue to pussy foot around issues and allow marriages and relationships to continue to crash. See the young DJ who committed suicide and the rash issues of domestic violence sometimes leading to death, depression, loss of self esteem and this is because as a society we prefer to play the ostrich game refusing to face these issues and tackle them boldly.

“This is my way of using the well-written play to scream for all “ye who are heavy laden’’ to come out and discuss these issues,’’ he said.

The four-cast play, with a budget that is not less than N15m, centres on a young man in a love triangle with his mother-in-law and wife and the dilemma of sexual preferences.

“The play hinges on open-mindedness to sexual and social engagement of tying the knot. It just forces a recalibration and openness’’ he reiterated.

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