Work for Nigerians, not APC, ADP Urges Police


Segun James

The Africa Democratic Congress (ADC) has urged the leadership of the Nigeria Police not to allow itself to be seen as an instrument in the hands of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the general elections.

The Lagos state chairman of the ADC, Pastor Kayode Jacobs said this while reviewing the activities of the police as the build up to the elections intensifies.
He said that the APC in the state has been using the police to harass agents of the party while pasting posters but allows those of the APC unhindered access. “The way they are behaving, it will give the impression that they are working for the APC.

“This is our season, the only time we can paste posters in Nigeria, so why should the police arrest us for do what we are supposed to do? The ban on campaigning has been lifted. If you remove the right from pasting posters us, then you are stifling the people,” he insisted.

Jacobs urged to police to independent and apolitical so that the system and the election would be seen a free and fair and not manipulated to the advantage of one party.
On the alliance among some political parties in the country, Jacobs said that the alliance only applied at the national level and not in the states.
“At the state level, we are contesting every position and we are determined to win. But at the national level, the alliance stays. We are cooperating in that regard.”