Premium Vodka Brand, Absolut, Launches Absolut Extrakt

A celebration of Swedish heritage, Absolut Extrakt, brings a modern twist to the traditional Swedish ‘snaps’, in a well-balanced and smooth spirit with a spicy kick.

Its unique taste profile of warm green cardamom and other secret ingredients makes Absolut Extrakt a spicy aphrodisiac with high qualities of bold and delicious flavours.

Setting the mood for the night, the venue was transformed into an exotic jungle in an ode to the natural, earthy ingredients in the new beverage.

Guests were also greeted with Absolut Vodka cocktails before undergoing a training and tasting session hosted by Brand Ambassador, Temi Daibo.

Throughout the night, shots of chilled Absolut Extrakt were circulated in the lounge area, while female DJs Lambo, T Garbs and Sensei Lo rotated sets.

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