Firm Introduces Hybrid Electricity Power Plant

Firm Introduces Hybrid Electricity Power Plant

By Ugo Aliogo

PSC Solar UK has introduced the Soltaro Life PO4 based hybrid electricity power plant at its newly inaugurated artificial intelligence (AI) and alternative power research centre in Lagos State.

Speaking at the product exhibition and sales expo, the Sales Engineer, PSC Solar UK, Alex Bakor, said the new power plant weighs same as a single 230A Gel Battery, but can power full more that one household.

Bakor, also noted that the company’s equipment consists of an inverter unit locked into the power bank and that it is fully computerised.

“Absolutely, no human intervention is required as everything is automatic,” he added.

According to him, no expert is required to install the plant, adding that “no noise, no fuel, very light weight and measures the size of a small air conditioner.”

He added: “The PSC Solar UK Soltaro LiFePo4 Hybrid Power plant does not require the complicated configuration of multiple battery units as is required for traditional solar and inverter power plants.

“This system can be installed in less than 30 minutes and requires absolutely very minimal space on any wall.”

Diamond Bank Highlights Benefits of ‘XclusivePlus’ to Customers

Diamond Bank has introduced a premium lifestyle subscription service for its affluent banking customers called ‘XclusivePlus.’

Speaking on the new proposition, the Head, Consumer Banking, Diamond Bank, Kari Tukur, was quoted in a statement to have said: “We have seen a rise in customer spend in the past few years for luxury travel, luxury experiences and luxury products among the emerging affluent client segment.

“Our proposition is well positioned to further enhance their lifestyle and provide them with the most satisfying rewards.”

She went on further to explain. ThT XclusivePlus membership comes with an automatic card upgrade to the Diamond Visa signature naira debit card.

Diamond Bank, according to her, was the first bank in the country to introduce the product.

“This is a naira card with higher spend limits and enabled for international spend. With this card, our customer will enjoy lots of world class travel and lifestyle benefits such as free access to over 800 Premium airport lounges globally, great discounts and VIP treatment at luxury hotels around the world, free travel insurance cover for them and their family for medical emergencies, lost luggage, flight cancellation and much more anytime they travel. This insurance is also valid for foreign visa applications.

“There are also benefits closer to home, including free cinema tickets all year around for the movie lovers, free premium events tickets such as concerts, comedy shows and art exhibitions and lots of great offers and discounts from a wide range of merchants across the country ranging from restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping and much more.

“XclusivePlus subscribers are also invited to various seminars, conferences and round table discussions covering a wide range of topics such as Wealth Management & Investment, Economic Outlook, Financial Planning, Assess to Finance and lots more. “These events will give them the opportunity to acquire knowledge from industry experts and network with like minds.

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