The Day Funke Osibodu will Never Forget

Funke Osibodu

Neither beauty nor poise could save Funke Osibodu from rage and disgrace the moment she stepped into Edo Governor, Godwin Obaseki’s office, last Tuesday. As the broken keel of a ship, crashes and sets adrift, far from the hull of a drowned vessel, Osibodu floundered from Obaseki’s office in shame, soon after he ordered her out of his office for “failing to meet obligations to electricity consumers in Edo and throwing the state into darkness for weeks.”

The mild drama allegedly played out while the governor was receiving members of the Federal House of Representatives Committee on Power, who were at the Government House on a courtesy visit.

The governor was reportedly surprised to see the BEDC boss among the lawmakers as her name was not on the list of expected guests. Speaking to the delegation after Osibodu had left the gathering, the governor said that the BEDC had continued to fail in collaborating with the state government to provide stable electricity in the state. Obaseki said: “The BEDC has been an obstacle all the way. They will not provide electricity and will not allow you to get alternative sources of power. The state will not allow it.”

That Funke was highly embarrassed is putting it mildly, she was depressed and overwhelmed by shame, according to eyewitnesses.
The BEDC boss will certainly not forget in a hurry, that sad moment, when she suffered disgrace in the hands of the governor.
Pundits contend that back when she was Managing Director (MD) of Union Bank, Osibodu wouldn’t have suffered or endured such disgrace. Osibodu was a star, a deity, whose words became law and the mightiest of men hovered at her doorstep in desperate need of her favour.

Before her recent disgrace, Funke served as CEO and later a director of the holding company of Ecobank Nigeria until she left in 2006. Then she was appointed MD of Union Bank until she left and took the BEDC job. She came to limelight when there was a shake-up in the Nigerian banking industry when five bank CEOs were dismissed on August 13, 2009, and five replacements were named by the Central Bank of Nigeria.
She was chosen to lead the Union Bank of Nigeria, replacing Bartholomew Bassey Ebong. After she left the bank she entered the power industry as the CEO of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company for Benin City, where her husband, Victor, is the Chairman.