So Sad, Tony Anenih Leaves His Very Young Wife in the Lurch


At last, the smile of earthly gladness fades from his mortal face and his good frame got rid of its fleeting transient breath; no thanks to ill health, Chief Tony Anenih, has departed this mortal world, having fought a silent but gallant battle against an undisclosed ailment. Now, he is gone, leaving his very young wife, Maryann a loner in the drudgery of life.

However, Justice Maryann was gifted in love. Like the fabled enchanteur from the renaissance era, she got Chief Tony Anenih pacing the Hadrian’s wall of her shoulder and dreaming of her maiden castle. In the same breath, she got him perpetually hooked on her cocktail of love.

Since his eyes held with hers and they experienced their first touch, she sent shockwaves of love through his veins like radiant energy. Thus the powerful politician became a string to be played by the nimble fingers of Maryann, his beloved wife, before he passed away some days ago.

Very few women are capable of such feat. Indeed, very few wives are able to keep their husbands fulfilled and perpetually devoted to their wedlock.

Ever since the couple announced their union as husband and wife, they stuck together like Siamese twins. To prove their pliable and unshakeable love for each other, they toured the world together, enjoying every moment of their marriage as if every day was honeymoon.

Though Tony was 85 years old, Maryann, is said to be in her 30s. Though married to three women (one is late and he divorced one) before Maryann, it was obvious the late astute politician, Chief Anenih was smitten with Maryann. Aged 85, Anenih died at an Abuja hospital where he was receiving treatment for an undisclosed ailment. It is obvious that Maryann, who is the youngest of the three wives of Chief Anthony Anenih, former Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Board of Trustees (BOT), remains inconsolable.