Oby Ezekwesili: Aunty, Cool Temper!


Mummy has gone on a major rant offensive since she declared her intention to run for presidency. Everybody and anybody has been her target. Na wa, this level of self-absorption is really strange to me.

Like every other Nigerian, she reserves the right to aspire to be anything and that is where it stops for me. This boat ride to seek relevance at the expense of our sanity is really sad. I do not think we need this distraction and pardon me if I say at this point that this ranting is beginning to look like the one that the late Chuba Okadigbo described as the a ranting of an ant.

You see, I need at least twelve short commentaries to fill up this column every Sunday and this week apart from the NLC fiasco it has really been a quiet week so nothing to really yab about and that is why you see me writing about mummy with the low cut. Just to fill quota because I really would not be bothered with all these rants what we have seen since she left government.

It has been a wonderful show of a high level of confusion not properly understanding her true place in the system. Today she is an activist fighting for women rights, tomorrow she is fighting government on economic issues and today she wants to be president and in all of these she is still maintaining the low crew cut that has come to be her signature look. Let me be very blunt after all she does not have any Army with no rubber bullets or cannot even control the DSS.

The only thing in this fight is that she will yab me back so I no fear. Let me just say to mummy this morning, it’s ok. Let us hear word. You are distracting a critical segment of the electorate – the professional intellectual grouping who although do not vote influence pubic policy, perception and contribute funds to the process.

Your hurried cry is causing confusion in that demography, not allowing us concentrate on the real issue which is a battle to choose a lesser evil. Haven’t you got another international appointment? If not come let me give you one in Shomolu so that you can let us hear word. Thank you.