Atiku, Dubai?

Atiku Abubakar

You see why I always don’t understand this baba. Why for heaven’s sake would you take 400 people to Dubai for strategy session? You see what we are all afraid of for this candidate and his presidency if he wins.

This baba cannot just change. What kind of profligacy was that? Someone we are just managing because of what we have been made to pass through and he never even enter see what he is doing. What if he emerges, will he take 5,000 people to the moon to strategize. Let us call a spade a spade, this baba no try.

Me as a person apart from the fact that we are trying to weigh our options will never look his way o. But with OBJ’s endorsement and my mentor – Mr. A.K.E’s seemingly strong devotion to him would never have looked his way. These two things: his refusal to key into the single-term option and this Dubai fiasco are red flags for Nigerians.

Are we sure we are not running from fire to frying pan, are we sure that in our desperation for real change we are not running to Beelzebub to save us only to run into the worse kind of fire? You see why we need a radical change in leadership instead of all these funny musical chairs where we recycle the same old people who will come now and be doing things the same way.

I swear if Atiku wins I can almost name his whole cabinet…. You think I’m joking, make I name am? Call me if you want hear. This is what Fela calls ‘soldier go, soldier come I tell you. Atiku, I am watching you o….. last warning.