Varsity Don Bags International Award on Business Management

 A Professor of Economics, Peter Siyan has been conferred with the World Championship in Business Management (infrastructure development).

Siyan, who currently teaches Economics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the University of Abuja, emerged winner after his research article topped the 5,445 nominations from 65 countries that were screened for the award.

The don, who has several outstanding international contributions to his credit, was selected based on the international meritorious competition and his enlightening scientific domain.

He is among the world’s 500 most influential experts in business management and fellow, Directorate of Business Management, (IASR) and he is playing a vital role in the advancement of scientific knowledge in Business Management (Infrastructure Development) for which he was so recognised by the International Agency for Standards and Ratings (IASR)

The organisers of the award in a statement said the award is always given to brilliant scientists and academicians impacting the world in their areas of specialization.

They said Siyan, who is also a fellow at the Directorate of Business Management of IASR, has played a vital role in the advancement of scientific knowledge in Business Management (Infrastructure Development) to merit the award.

Fondly referred to as Father of modern Infrastructure Development (Business Management), he is quoted to be an international asset for Nigeria and now positioned to endorse scientific meetings and conferences on business management.

He is also in a position to give expert advice on keynote speeches on business management, industrial collaborations and the execution of programmes related to Business Management.

His Special Assistant on Media and Strategy, Dr. Malachy Ugbaka, in a statement said business management is now an ideal choice for anybody who wants a fast-tracked career or learns more about the realities of starting or managing a business.

Speaking on the benefit of his award to the business community and academic institutions, Siyan said, “for instance, universities under my tutelage reconstruct their syllabus by adding applications of scientific contribution to nation building including receiving proper supervision that would help institutions and universities have more allocation of public funds and research grants.”

He said interested universities could also contact him for committees and board selection and or promotion and recruitment.

He further said he was well placed to give expert guidance on thesis and dissertations for researchers and students as well as on career, latest trend on business management and job opportunities.

According to him, newspapers, news channels including international media agencies could seek his expert opinion on important national and international issues

Siyana Professor of Transport Infrastructure Economics, holds a PhD from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He was Head, Department of Economics, Dean, Faculty of Social Science and Director, Centre for Distance Learning and Continuing Education.

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