Former Bank MD, Segun Oloketuyi, Relocates Family to Canada


Segun Oloketuyi, the former MD of WEMA bank, has become like the languid breeze blowing listlessly across withering meadows. But Segun is no breeze; he is actually a retired banker. Back when he was a hunk and A-list banker, he attracted the loyalty and love of colleagues and friends as the pollen nectar attracts butterflies to sup from its sweetness.

Then Segun morphed into a haughty hunk of sorts, presenting a perfect portrait of the power-drunk and currency-activated banker who brooked no opposition to his views and was ruthless towards perceived enemies or opposition. Now that he has retired, no more is he the cocky character who strutted the corridors of WEMA Bank in its boom years and no more does he walk about with gargantuan chips on his shoulders as he has relocated his children to Canada.

Segun pursued and acquired money in markedly different tradition from the ways of his peers. While too many of his peers gained from their wealth only the fear of losing it, he gained from his wealth, comfort, contentment and a deep sense of purpose. The former bank MD understood quite early in life, that there are no little ways to imbue his life with grandeur. He understood that money matters in the mix, in his pursuit of ease and luxury. Thus he pursued money as the only sunbeams that lights his path to grandeur.

While he served as MD, he worked very hard and saved very hard.

Today, he is reaping the fruits of his labour. Indeed, Segun is one very sharp dude who planned his retirement very well. Findings revealed that he is most likely the richest retired bank chief in the country, considering his extensive fortune and business interests. Besides being intimidatingly solvent, he lives a charmed life. No sooner had he retired from WEMA Bank than he relocated.

He also helped a lot of Nigerian magnates to make a lot of money. For instance, it was during his tenure as MD that the bank lent out money to the highest number of people. It was also during his tenure that the bank suffered the highest number of non-performing loans. Thus many businessmen made their fortune via Oloketuyi’s very accommodating loan schemes. Little wonder the new MD of the bank, Ademola Adebise is in a bind over the huge debt portfolio. The issue of huge debt portfolio and cumbersome debt recovery process had always bedeviled Wema like an albatross even during the tenure of the bank’s Oloketuyi, but the situation has worsened over the years and according to sources within the bank, Adebise never understood the extent of the rot until he assumed office some months ago. So we heard!