In their commitment to promote Literature and Arts fields in the country, indigenous organisations, including Coca Cola, Swift Telephone Network, Impresio Africa, Mariteam, Masterkids, Qwint Perfect, So yummy and League Pharmacy and Servis Consult international, as well as Y’s Men’s Club of Lagos have rallied round an  initiative to enhance its outcome on lives and economy.
The initiative ‘Moonlight Tales’ is  a show that seeks to bring together a community of like-minded people and also give young poets  a chance to explore & express themselves towards cultural advancements.

According to the convener, Feranmi Okafor, the programme was thought of to expand the world of literature being an aspect of culture that is instrumental to economic development
Moonlight Tales is not just a show, it’s a journey and lifestyle. People come together to tell a story through Art and bring solutions to the issues we face in  all spheres of life. In a broader sense, it would aid the development of  the social, political and economic life of the people.

In her comment, one of the participants, Cecilia Adelaja said, “Moonlight Tales 2.0 was no doubt a success than it was last year, there was just something about the atmosphere that relaxed my mind both mentally  and spiritually. They’ve always said words have a way of tapping into the inner mind of  humans.
This programme definitely made me feel at peace to the extent of revealing certain aspects of myself that I  have not  realised in 18 years”.

Others in the team that brought the initiative to live were Raheemat Alaga, Ayanfeoluwa Odious,Walter Osaretin, Banji Coker, Wani and Pascal.
The 17-year old poet who is is also an advocate for nation building and youth development is a recipient of several awards and was recently nominated as a global scholar to represent Nigeria in the Global Young Leaders Conference, in the United States of America.