TEXEM Holds Strategic Leadership Training for Executives


    Oluchi Chibuzor

    From marketing, operations to HR, supply chain, finance to strategy, there is no doubt that organisations are operating in the era where information and data are extremely critical.

    In fact, every driver of organisational performance and value creation is increasingly shaped by the digital revolution.

    Leaders know that the present socio-economic landscape in Nigeria is volatile, but the million-dollar questions are how could they do more with less- drive sales in an effective and efficient way, innovate, develop new revenue streams, improve service delivery, survive, consolidate and grow? The answer is Strategic outcomes from big data.

    With Big Data analysis being the process of analyzing large volume, variety, and velocity of data to discover buried patterns, hidden correlation, and other useful information to shape decision making and unlock value, Texem Uk has developed an executive development programme that would help Leaders to improve individual, team and organizational performance.

    During this programme, executives would be opportune to learn how Big Data creates value for their business, how it enables decision making, how it helps to narrow segmentation of customer for targeted clients, and how it opens new business opportunities by developing new and innovative products (for private sectors) and services (for public sectors).

    All the possibilities that Big Data can bring to a business will be learned and how it can be implemented in your organisation will be discussed.

    For example, Big Data can create new opportunities for your business in areas such as Product/service development, design, marketing, sale or support, that is why you cannot afford to miss Texem UK’s forthcoming programme on Harnessing Big Data: Insights and Action for Strategic Outcomes which would hold from 3rd to 6th September 2018 at Oracle University, Reading, UK.

    Executives who attend this programme would learn the secrets of modern-day competitive intelligence, the importance of virtual reality, robotics and artificial intelligence and how this could improve policymaking, gain insights to develop, implement, and manage collaborative forecasts, how to develop transparent, interrelated and aligned processes, analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making, actionable insights in leading an analytics transformation, case studies of Superlative Results from Harnessing Big Data and ways to avoid business analytic failures.

    The programme would be facilitated by world-renowned faculties grounded in actionable insights and over two hundred years real-life experience in total:

    Professor Rodria Laline (Visiting Professor of Harvard, Insead and IESE and Chair of Intrabond. Capital),
    Michael Connaughton, Head of Analytics & Big Data, EMEA – Oracle

    Others are Neil Sholay VP Innovation, Oracle; Andrew Sutherland – Senior Vice President, Systems, and Technology, Oracle; Andrew SORDAM Oracle Vice President Sub-Saharan Africa and Obi Ejimofo, CIO, Asoko Insight
    The cost is £3000, that is N1,500,000 (which covers study materials, meals during the programme, group picture, and certification).

    Commenting on the programme, Laline said, “In an era of very scarce resources, roller-coaster paced innovation and cut-throat competition, how do we challenge today’s board governance and leadership practices when artificial intelligence and cognitive computing power is aggregated in the hands of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and the likes?

    “Will we outsource our brains? Will we connect our human mental states to the dynamic interfaces of modern intelligent systems? Are we underestimating how technology is shaping us?

    “What happens if we leave all algorithms affecting our lives obscured in black boxes?
    “What kind of values do we embrace? Who are we? How do we want to live? Big data and predictive analytics are transforming practices in the new business ecosystems.

    “What goes into big data, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence many of us don’t know? Discover how to strengthen your own contribution and overall board effectiveness to truly drive business value, competitive advantage, and board engagement.”

    Speaking about his experience from previous programmes attended, the CEO and Publisher Businessday, Frank Algbogun said, “I found this program very, very rewarding. In the past, I always had a way of thinking that the matter of sustainability-related only to policy matters but during this programme it has been broken down into the company level and for me there are a number of takeaways that I hope to begin implementing once I get back home.”

    “Executive Development programme at Oxford and designed by TEXEM was perfectly conducted-The Faculties were very high profile with excellent communication skills. The tours were educative, informative and enlightening,” Member House of Assembly, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Tijanni Ibrahim Kiyawa said.

    “Learning, training is a life process. So, to choose the right facilitator is a very significant point for us, the executives and TEXEM seem to have the right connection and variety for extraction to provide us variety programmes, thank you very much,” Michailidis Michail, Chief Financial Officer, A.G Leventis also said.

    For full details, please register at https://texem.co.uk/programmes/harnessing-big-data-insights-and-action-for-superlative-results.html