Nigerian Pilgrim Returns Lost but Found Money in Saudi Arabia


    Laleye Dipo in Minna

    A Nigerian pilgrim currently performing the Hajj in Saudi Arabia has returned over N.4 million lost by another pilgrim in Mecca.

    The pilgrim said to be from Niger State, Musa Mohammed Edotsu, was reported to have found the money in one of the conveniences in the Niger State pilgrims village in Mecca.

    One of the journalists from Niger State, Alhaji Abdul Isa, reported from the Holy land via his Whattapp page that the Nigerian pilgrim returned the money in hard currency to Niger State pilgrims officials who in turn gave the money to the owner.

    According to Isa, the money belonged to the Chairman of the Enugu State Pilgrims Board, Alhaji Zukalraini Saeed.

    Isa said while handing over the amount to the owner on Thursday, the Ameerul Hajj of the Niger State Pilgrims, Alhaji Abubakar Magaji, said the amount was handed over to the owner after identifying the other items found in a hand bag which included an international passport and some keys.

    Magaji was said to have appreciated the gesture of Musa Edotsu for returning the amount at a time most pilgrims could be out of cash, saying that the pilgrim would be rewarded with $200 by the Niger State Pilgrims Board.

    The owner of the money, Alhaji Zulkalraini Saeed, also appreciated the gesture of Malam Edotsu and the officials of the Niger State Pilgrims Board for exhibiting such “high level of honesty by returning the money”.

    He implored other pilgrims to emulate the character exhibited by the pilgrim from Niger State, adding that honesty and transparency were among the virtues Islam preached and stood for.