How IBM’s AI-powered Solution Enhances Productivity


    Emma Okonji

    Descasio, a leading cloud services provider in West Africa, has chosen IBM Watson Workspace to enhance its existing email services and provide a smart employee collaborating tool on desktop and mobile devices.

    IBM Watson Workspace is a messaging application which helps teams improve work productivity and also provides the capability to hold group conversations and share data files.

    Through its built-in AI capabilities, the solution has enabled Descasio’s sales and technical teams to create workspaces where they can collaborate on all sales activities. Watson Workspace has enabled Descasio to significantly reduce the time group members spend reading through conversations to obtain information relevant to them.

    Announcing the solution, Co-founder and CEO, Descasio, Dele Nedd, said: “One of the things that really excites us about this platform is the ease with which we can build new solutions using APIs. We are now thinking about ways we can use IBM Watson APIs to create value-added solutions such as virtual assistants, which could help to automate repetitive tasks.”

    Watson Workspace has helped Descasio turn conversations into actionable insights, summarized information, prioritised next best actions and made recommendations enabling its employees to connect and collaborate with their teams and other work groups on any device. The solution has enabled teams save up to 30 minutes per team member on responding to issues relevant to their role. It also provides a full, searchable history of all conversations and one central place for all shared images and resources.

    Country General Manager of IBM Nigeria, Dipo Faulkner, said: “Organisations have seen a proliferation of tools and applications that employees use to get their jobs done at the workplace which has often caused information overload, interruptions and difficulty getting back into the flow of productivity. What IBM Watson Workspace does, is take away these pressures, allowing employees to focus on the activities that really matter.”

    As a new reseller of the IBM’s Watson Workspace Essentials in West Africa, Descasio plans to sign on clients for this solution. To achieve this, the company is working with a team from IBM to integrate IBM Watson Workspace into its cloud services portfolio, to enable it deliver the solution as a service to clients across the region, Faulkner added.