Dano Breaks Guinness World Record in Milk Pouring


    Martins Ifijeh

    After successfully setting a new benchmark in the longest drinks-pouring category of Guinness World Records, Arla Dano has been conferred with the global record holder title in the category by the awarding institution.

    The recognition is premised on the engagement of over 650 participants to achieve the longest drinks-pouring relay using Dano UHT Milk held in June this year in commemoration of World Milk Day.

    Speaking on the feat, the Marketing Manager, Dano Milk, Ifunanya Obiakor, said every great achievement seems impossible at first until it is done.

    She said, “This saying reflects our journey to obtaining the Guinness World Records certificate for organising the longest drinks-pouring relay.

    “Achieving this feat in the face of obvious obstacles is a testament to the possibilities that abound when the will to win drives exceptional performance and when inner strength is deployed towards tackling and overcoming challenges.”

    The Managing Director, Dano Milk, Mads Burmester said, “We believe this award speaks to the fact that the human mind can achieve whatever it conceives. All that is required is the inner strength to follow through with the vision despite hard times.

    “This is what the Arla Dano brand aims to represent in Nigeria and this is why we will continue to provide Nigerian consumers with high quality dairy products to nourish them well enough to take on their day and life in general”
    “We hope to positively influence our consumers and make them believe in themselves. Beyond the nutritional products that we offer in the dairy sector, we consider the importance to appeal to the mind and consciousness of our consumers.”