Elishama Ideh Announces Seven-Point Agenda


    Nseobong Okon-Ekong

    A female presidential hopeful in the 2019 general election, Mrs. Elishama Ideh continued her positive campaign at a recent meeting with journalists in Lagos, where she articulated a seven-point agenda covering security, law and order; human capital development, great, affordable and accessible healthcare, good governance; industrialisation and infrastructure; women and youth inclusion; sports and tourism.

    She stated that true and sustainable economic and social development entails the creation of an environment and conditions in which people are able to make meaningful choices to improve their lives in the short, medium and long terms, where they can engage in healthy behaviour, feed their families, cope better with adversities, overcome their challenges and freely exercise their God-given freedoms and rights. Such conditions can only be created by visionary leaders and diligent administrators at all levels combining and leveraging on knowledge, innovation and experience according to global best practices, with the help of an enlightened populace, as well as local and international support and resources.

    Ideh who hinged her major claim to the presidency on a personal charity which she has executed for over 20 years, said her aid organisation opened her eyes to the fact that “Poverty was directly related to leadership- when a nation lacks strategic patriotic leaders who believe in the nation and people will breed poverty that multiplies to extreme poverty. India used to be the centre of extreme poverty; but through strategic patriotic leadership it has created a base camp to eradicate this position that Nigeria decided to inherit.”

    She promised that if elected, our administration would focus on a proper audit of our tourist endowments, the provision of the right legal and fiscal arrangement to stimulate growth in this area and the provision of support infrastructure and security and information systems that are required to drive growth in the sector. Not to be left out would be a vigorous drive to boost intra-national tourism through the associated spin-offs that would come from our ancillary activities at unifying our people and driving a renascent campaign for Nigerians themselves to love one another, visit each other, and to vigorously, safely and joyfully experience and explore the vast range of tourism delights that are available in-country. Satisfied Nigerian tourists will sell the pleasures they have experienced in these areas to others.”