Shoprite Gets Brand Ambassador 


    One of the leading retailers in Nigeria, Shoprite, has appointed a Nigerian chef as its brand ambassador.

    Shoprite announced a chef, Tolu Erogbogbo, who is better known as Chef Eros as the first ever brand ambassador in its 13 years in the country.

    The self-taught chef, who started selling chicken seasoned with spices to his fellow students whilst studying for degree at International Business Management, was quoted in a statement to have said, “If you want to cook like a chef, shop like a chef.”

     Erogbogbo whose culinary journey began in school said his creativity, originality and attention to detail is what truly set him apart.

    “Part of being a chef, is to know how to entertain, that’s why I choose Shoprite,” said brand ambassador.

    With a total of 25 stores, Shoprite Nigeria offers consumers a world-class shopping experience through its core business promise of everyday low prices.

    The supermarket chain’s extensive range includes restaurant quality products such as extra-matured Steakhouse Classic steaks, wine sourced from the top-wine producing countries around the world, freshly baked breads and so much more.

    Through this new partnership with Shoprite Nigeria, Chef Eros now aims to put Nigerian food on the world map.

    He added, “Our country has much to offer in terms of tastes and variety. It’s up to us to let the rest of the world know this.”