Firm to Hold Food Exhibition


    The Afrocet Montgomery, one of the global leaders in food, drink and hospitality exhibitions, has concluded plan to hold the inaugural edition of the Nigerian Food Event (NFE) in Lagos.

    Specifically, the event would take place from 22nd to 24th October 2019.

    The organisers are confident that the market would be in a prime position to welcome in new products and services in the rapidly developing and growing market of Nigeria, especially after next year’s election.

    The firm, according to a statement is well-positioned in the market to deliver a leading exhibition that can provide its attendees with unique business opportunities, inspiration and networking.

    “This pioneering event will not only cater to businesses operating within the food industry, but with the inclusion of two other incorporated exhibitions – the Nigerian Drink  Event and the Nigerian Hospitality Event – it will also cover beverage and hospitality making it the only event of its kind in the region.”

    Afrocet Montgomery’s Regional Director, George Pearson, while commenting on the exhibition said, “We are really pleased to announce this launch, it’s something we’ve been working towards for a while and it’s exciting to see the sheer volume of interest we’ve already received. “The Nigerian market has gone from strength to strength in the last few years with the Food and Beverage sector making up the largest segment for consumer spending in the country.

    “Join this with a developing retail sector and you have the highest valued market of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa at about $125 billion.

    “We believe the event will give those that take part an exclusive insight into the market as a whole, and exposure to new business opportunities, previously not possible in the region.”

    Organisers revealed plans for NFE to be the unmissable industry event by hosting dynamic, interactive show-floor features for both visitors and exhibitors alike.

    Among the features tipped to take place is ‘Drink Lagos’, a premier pavilion for those who source, buy or serve drinks from sommeliers to bartenders.

    There would also be a ‘Chef Skillery’ which would invite leading chefs into a live kitchen demonstration area to provide exclusive tips and tricks from trending ingredient combinations to techniques.

    To help build the ‘Made in Nigeria’ brand, the organisers have placed a lot of emphasis on small local businesses with the inclusion of a ‘Start-Up Village’ targeted at those companies looking to break into the wider market.

    This would be backed up with three days of business-oriented conference sessions looking into the pertinent issues facing the industry, market insight and knowledge sharing on how to grow a brand.

    “For us, it’s very important to have a wide range of businesses attend the event, so we want to ensure our content is of the highest standard.”