Taming the Fake News Generation


    One of the reasons those, who would give anything for authentic news reports would continue to wait for a reassuring authentication from the traditional media is the current culture of fake news, which has become the insignia of the social and new media.

    So, when the social media breaks new development, the traditional is waited upon to authenticate. This is where and how the lovers of genuine news reports are able to sift authentic news reports from the often trending fake news.

    Interestingly, the culture of promulgating fake news is not peculiar to Nigeria or Africa alone. Indeed, the President of the United States, Donald Trump has fought the menace of fake news almost since he assumed office. He had, at different times, gone out of his way to speak about fake news and its effect on nation building and even called certain media outfits unprintable names.

    In Nigeria, however, it is a growing culture, which constitutes serious danger to the health of the nation. Often, reports capable of setting the nation on fire are just concocted by some impossible minds, shared by their gullible allies and before anyone knows it, it would have become what everyone would need to come together to fight.

    As it is, there is a compelling need to tame the fake news generation. At least, someone must know there would be consequences for either master-minding or being an accomplice to sharing fake news. That way, the society may begin to savour some respite.