Taxigo Enters Nigeria Ride Hailing Market


    European-based firm,Taxigo, has launched into the Nigeria ride hailing space, thus widening transportation options for millions of taxi fans in the country.

    According to the company, all is set to bring about a disruption in the ride hailing space with tailor-made services that will make commuting within Lagos and Nigeria easy, affordable, safe and convenient.
    It noted that its services come with features that would make taxi and private drivers access more passengers as well as make more money in the process.

    Speaking more on the new transport app that is being managed by a local starts up company, GoAfrik Solutions Limited, Co-founder of Taxigo Nigeria, Thomas Ajayi pointed out that the new service would address known shortcomings in ride hailing platforms in the country.

    He noted: “Although, this app is new in the Nigeria market, It has been hugely successful in other markets like Estonia, which is also a home for Taxify, another ride-sharing app. Taxigo is actually bigger there but has a huge potential here also. We plan to empower taxi companies and drivers. With the app, every taxi company will still keep its brand, pricing tactics and clients.”

    Explaining further, Godswill Nkwusi, who is also the co-founder, stated that part of the unique selling proposition of the offering is the offline service that enables customers to book orders from mobile phones that have no internet connections, adding that a dispatch number will be made available to the public soon.

    He added: “Pricing with Taxigo is not standard as we don’t have any pricing models. Every taxi company in our system and every driver can make his own business with prices they think are adequate at the moment. No driver is under pressure at all. If he wants to get more money for a trip, he can choose from 10 different price-levels he has set for himself and can switch in between them in seconds.

    “The good thing is that this will not affect passengers in any way because they have the freedom to choose the taxi they ride base on price, quality, among other factors they can see from the phone before they engage drivers’ services.”