Microsoft Introduces New Feature to Boost Business Communications


    A technology firm, Microsoft, has announced that its latest mobile offering, ‘Kaizala Pro’ has been launched in Nigeria.

    According to the company, ‘Kaizala Pro’ is a mobile app that improves the way businesses communicate and collaborate. It is designed for large group communication, workflow management, reporting and analytics, and is integrated with Office 365.
    The Country General Manager of Microsoft Nigeria, Akin Banuso, said that the app addresses several challenges faced by many businesses across the country, who manage field staff remotely.

    “Mobile technology is enabling businesses to embrace the fourth industrial revolution and digitally transform their operations. Microsoft Kaizala is ideal for organisations that need to communicate with large number of task workers to enhance business agility, collaboration, and organisational productivity.

    “Unlike other chat-based apps in the market, the latest extends beyond a mere communication function. Because many workers in the region often don’t have email addresses, the app only requires a mobile number to sign a user up. The app is also optimised to work on any network including slow 2G networks,” he stressed.

    Providing more details, he said: “Kaizala actionable information through analytics and reports, comply with industry security best practices. With it, customer’s messages, photos, video files, audio files, documents, polls, surveys, and other data are protected by encryption in-transit and at-rest. Managers can decide who has access to company data. All Kaizala data is stored in Microsoft Azure datacentres, which adhere to industry standard security and compliance certifications.

    “As we roll out the innovation in Nigeria, we hope to connect the complete value chain, including the unconnected parts of organisations. The vision for the new offering is to empower every organisation and community to achieve more through purposeful chat.”