Newly Registered Youth Party Vows to Expand Nigeria’s Democratic Space


    Shola Oyeyipo

    One of the newly registered political parties by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the Youth Party (YP), has vowed to expand what it called “restrictive democratic space through transparent political leadership and followership that eschews money politics, bribery, violence, rigging and corruption.”

    YP National Publicity Secretary, Ms. Ilamosi Ekenimoh, in a press statement, assured Nigerians that the primary aim of the party was to give birth to a new generation of politicians that will rewrite the country’s story.

    Recalling that the journey to the formation of the party started in 2014, Ekenimoh, said YP will focus on developing and improving the standard of living of all Nigerians.

    According to her, the party aims to rebuild Nigeria through generational change in political leadership, one that emphasises skill, capability, religious harmony over age or ethnicity and religious divisions.

    The party’s acting National Chairman, Mr. Suleiman Usman Yusuf, also stated that his party would bring freshness to Nigerian politics and actualise needed development.

    He further explained that the cardinal agenda of the party will be to bring about quality basic education, universal healthcare, social housing, and commitment to internal democracy.

    Yusuf said YP will give Nigerians the opportunity to express themselves and determine the Nigeria of their future. He denied that the party was founded to represent and protect the interests of the youth alone.

    “The party is not ageist and it is open to Nigerians of all age and background: the name symbolises the creativity, tenacity and strength of the Nigerian youth and it plans to leverage and put these qualities front and center.

    “It currently has presence in about 28 states of the federation including Lagos and Abuja, and with over 5, 664 members prior to registration and we believe that now that the registration has been approved, it will allow the party to increase its followership and impact,” he added.