Future Awards Africa Announces Commencement of 2018 Nominations


    The Future Awards Africa (TFAA) has announced its call for nominations for the 2018 edition.

    Building on the theme ‘Nigeria’s New Tribe’ launched in 2017, the 13th edition of the prestigious awards seeks to reward excellence by celebrating advocates, creators, and pioneers between the ages of 18 and 31 – young people who have made significant strides, defying the odds within the year under consideration.

    “By driving sustaining positive change while ignoring tribal, economic uncertainty or religious differences, the new tribe is driven by their talent, commitment to hard work, and achievement in impacting the economy, the society, and rewriting the narrative.

    “The awards have taken its mandate seriously, consistently presenting 105 positive role models annually to young Nigerians. For this edition, a two-day activity will be focused on engaging youth in different industries from women conferences to technology and innovation. This will further continue to create a strong network for youth to support one another in the leadership space,” a statement said.

    The statement said: “persons eligible for nomination must have made considerable impact within Nigeria and/or globally within the last one year and must have easily accessible documentation of their achievements. The public is encouraged to nominate trailblazers from their communities in categories ranging from social activism, business, professional service to media, and entertainment.”