All Hail the APC Leaders!


    Days ago, a certain report oddly stated that some APC leaders had begun moves to stall the defection of some lawmakers elected on the platform of the party. This was days before the ‘inevitable defection’ of the President of the Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki.

    Strangely, these so-called patriots are at the same time the most profound liabilities that the party has had to deal with. They had since stalled the progress of the party and by extension, government. They are often the much talked about government-within-government. Unfortunately, however, this reality is not known by a majority of the insiders, who have continued to worship their very own problems.

    These emergency patriots create problems in the party. They frustrate every peace process. They call the bluff of aggrieved members. They even threaten to sack them. They set individuals against each other. They plot a clandestine takeover of the party. They sell personal messages as against party’s doctrine. Their aim is 2023; they have an ambition that surpasses collective interest and do not even care if the house is burnt down. Their claim to ownership of the party is roguish.

    The APC needs a lot of introspection. Although it may be late now, it is advisable it does a thorough soul-searching within the short time left and sees how to genuinely salvage what is left of the party. Even then, it is important to establish that there are no patriots in the APC. What is obtainable is the pursuit of personal interest and agenda. Present there are selfish characters, who parade themselves as leaders or patriots but exploit the system for personal gains – mainly personal gains!