Oguntimehin: Innovation Key to Customer Satisfaction 


    Strategic Partnership Manager at Tecno Mobile, Mr. Jesse Oguntimehin, spoke with Emma Okonji on the company’s  drive for new products as well as its 2018 empowerment initiative that offers financial support for businesses. Excerpts:



    Tecno Mobile has consistently released new sets of smartphones for its loyal customers. What is the company trying to achieve by releasing majorly camera-centric smartphones? 

    In today’s world, the importance of the smartphone camera cannot be over emphasised. Camera has become a very important aspect of smartphone technology, which people can’t seem to live without these days. Everyone is a media entity now. As we speak, if we decide to conduct a survey and check people’s phones, you will realise that their galleries are filled with images taken with their smartphones. Focusing on building the best camera in a smartphone and making it better with every new. Tecno product has brought us closer to our customers who reward us by embracing the products. This has contributed to the growth of Tecno is many ways. Anyone who wants a good and brighter camera smartphone will find a good choice in the Tecno Spark2.

    So, having launched the Tecno Spark2, what unique features distinguished it from the previously launched Spark phones?

    The previous Tecno Spark phone was unanimously voted the smartphone with the brightest camera by several notable pundits, so the device was and is still one of the most amazing smartphones to have graced the African mobile market. However, the new Tecno Spark2 smartphone comes with Android 8.1 (Go Edition) from Google. The partnership with Google sets the Spark2 apart from the previous Spark. Customers will be able to use the phone to capture brighter images and not worry about apps slowing down their phone as that is what the Android Go is built to achieve—run lighter version of popular apps, while running smoothly and helping the customers to conserve data. The device comes with an advanced facial ID security feature, which will also allow users protect the contents in their smartphone better.

    You mentioned earlier that the Spark2 camera has the latest smartphone camera technology, so what exactly are the differentiating factors between the Spark2 smartphone and the smartphones released by your competitors?

    As earlier stated, we cannot overemphasise the importance of smartphone photography in our habitual activities. Therefore, we at Tecno made it a note of importance to give our consumers an undeniable reason to acquire the Spark2.

    It is not your average smartphone camera, it comes with several sub camera features such as HDR mode and selfie portrait mode. The rear camera has five lenses in one that filters blue light producing a clearer and brighter image. Not forgetting the dual front flash and screen flash for preferred lighting effect in low light situations.


    Over the last decade, Tecno Mobile has dominated the African smartphone market and with what we have heard in recent times, the brand is also doing well in the middle east. What are the new markets that Tecno recently penetrated and what are the next new markets people should expect to enjoy Tecno products?

    We are proud of our achievements so far, however, the work has to continue. We still have a lot of markets to conquer. It is safe to say we are just starting. Yes, in 2016 we expanded into India, Dubai and Bengal and in 2017, we took the success story to Myanmar, Iran, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. However, this year, we are looking at expanding to more countries and in some few weeks we will be penetrating Russia, Brazil and some other parts of South America. The focus is however not moving away from Nigeria as consumers in Nigeria will still be getting new and innovative products from Tecno.

    Tecno is a global brand and has partnered other world-class conglomerates such as Manchester City and the latest being Google. What value will the partnership with Google offer Tecno consumers?

    Google is a global brand and its no longer news that Tecno Mobile has grown to become at par with other globally recognized brands. However, it makes us proud to have grown to the level in which Google will want to partner with us- that’s a great feat for us. Our partnership is very important and will benefit both Google and Tecno customers as users will enjoy the new Google Oreo Operating System (OS) in the latest Tecno Spark2.

    How much is the Tecno Spark2 selling for in the market currently?

    The Tecno Spark2 smartphone is already in the market across the country and retails at N36,200 only. From what the phone offers and the response so far, it has been an amazing few weeks for the Spark2, far and above what we had with the Spark  last year.

    Tecno has always been known for giving back but what exactly is the idea behind the ‘Light Up Your Dream’ concept?

    ‘Light up your dream’ is a concept that was coined to encourage Nigerians to reach for the seemingly impossible and to participate in a life-changing experience. Tecno is not only interested in providing innovative products, we are also interested in changing lives in any way that we can. That said, the light-up idea is a continuation of the already established culture of giving back that Tecno is known for

    Why is customer empowerment of so much importance to Tecno? 

    Nigerians have always supported the Tecno brand and giving back is part of the culture of Tecno, so empowering Nigerians seems like a natural fit with our culture. It’s Tecno’s way of saying “Apart from getting value for your money with our product, you can also get something much more meaningful to change your life.” We value our customers and as long as Tecno is in Nigeria, we will always be innovative and creative in appreciating Nigerians.