Group Commends FG Anti-Graft War


    A civil rights group, Africa Women Arise for Change Network has thrown its weight in support of the President Muhammadu Buhari led government for marshaling the political will to fight corruption, ending an era of what it termed “monopoly of being the sole decider of our collective fate”.

    The group made known its position at a rally in Lagos tagged: ‘Freedom Rally for One Nigeria’

    Speaking at the event, the Executive Director of the group, Mrs. Josephine Okpara, stated that the common practice of past governments has led Nigerians to become terrorists and make crumbs available for the larger population to subsist on.

    “President Muhammadu Buhari was bold enough to marshal the political will and determination to break away from the destructive cycle that was once the norm in the land. The president’s commitment to the war on corruption has yielded results as money is being recovered from thieves that stole us blind while the system has been tightened to make theft of public resources less easy than it was under the previous regimes”.

    She advised Nigerians to embrace the tide and restructure economic choices to the ongoing reforms in the country.

    “We understand that the war on corruption has limited access to slush funds for all Nigerians, which has in turn caused people to tighten their belts and reassess their economic choices. The chorus of hard times across the land is therefore understandable in the context of people having to re-learn allocating resources based on their genuine incomes. It is however reassuring that the decision that gave rise to this feeling of doom will eventually lead to sunny times ahead.”

    “Such positive outcome has pre-conditions, one of which is that citizens must buy into ongoing reforms and stick to it until the end. This is why we are holding this rally to remind ourselves that what we are experiencing in the country today is a natural consequence of trying to do the right thing after several years of following wrong processes,” she added.

    Okpara warned that the saboteurs are bent on truncating the fortunes of the country, stating that Obasanjo is the leader of this group.

    “Most tragically but unsurprisingly, a former president, Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo, is the arrowhead of this misguided group. He has used the pedestal of the esteemed office he once occupied as a platform to launch attacks on a government that has succeeded in delivering to Nigerians what he failed to deliver in the eight years he led the country and things his party was not been able to deliver in the sixteen years it held Nigeria hostage. Had Obasanjo and his party laid the right foundation for Nigeria, the country would by now be past the stage where the present government has to begin building the nation afresh from the ground up.”