Students Advised on Career Choices


    The Executive Director, Corporate Banking, First Bank of Nigeria Limited, Dr. Remi Oni has advised students to assess and know their academic strengths and weaknesses before making a career choice.

    Oni who gave the advise, recently, during a career counselling session with theme, ‘Touching Lives: You First’, for students of Fazil Omar High School, Iwaya, Yaba, Lagos, in commemoration of the 2018 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) week of the bank, said once they know their academic strengths and weaknesses early, they can make informed choices on the paths to take and how they should go about achieving their dreams.

    According to him, “It is important for you to know your innate skills; the subjects that you are good at and the ones that you find a bit tough. This will help you make the right choice and choose the career that fits into your character.”

    He said the early discovery of their skills and interests will lead them into making the right career choices, while appealing to them to be open to ideas and consider how they could contribute to humanity.

    “It is a fast-changing world and some careers as we know them today are fast disappearing. You need to open your mind, the possibilities out there are very wide, they are huge. Don’t be fixated on the boxes the society has built over the years. Don’t see your career as the end in itself but as a means to an end. You need to see how you can contribute meaningfully to the world when you grow up.”

    The career counselling session, facilitated by executive management and staff of the bank for over 3,000 students of public and private schools across communities, is a key component of its 2018 CSR week.

    The management of the bank and its subsidiaries had earlier visited the Yaba College of Technology Secondary School, for the career counselling session. It is being commemorated in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.