Seasoning Brand Reiterates Commitment to Healthy Living  

West African Seasoning Company Limited and makers of Ajinomoto seasoning products has reiterated its commitment to healthy living, stating that monosodium glutamate is good for consumption.

Speaking at the factory tour and unveiling of popular comedienne, Helen Paul, aka Tatafo, and professional chef, Miyonse Amosu, as ambassadors for Aji-no-moto Umami seasoning, the Managing Director of the company, Junichi Niki, said the duo would be the new face of the brand connecting with consumers and deepening public awareness on the benefits of the brand.

Niki said, “MSG, based on scientific findings, is 100 per cent safe for consumption.

“For over a century now, MSG has been used to add Umami, the fifth basic taste, that enhances taste and make dishes more delicious since it was discovered in 1909.

“MSG is present in most natural foods such as meat, seafood, vegetable, cheese and milk.

“Umami is a universal taste.

“As a food company, we have been in Nigeria since 1991 distributing nationwide.

“Over the years, we have grown, especially in the Northern area, and so we want to renew our strength in the Southern areas of Nigeria to complement our efforts in the North.”

Isa Hassan Shallangwa, Head of Marketing at Ajinomoto, spoke on the global consumption of the seasoning product.

Shallangwa said, “According to the Longman dictionary, Umami is having a strong pleasant taste that is not sweet, sour, salty, or bitter, especially like the tastes found in meat, strong cheese and tomato.

“Umami taste is a member of the five basic tastes (alongside with sweetness, sourness, saltiness and bitterness.

“The safety of umami substance has been approved by authorities all over the world such as in the USA, EU, Australia, Japan, and also by NAFDAC in Nigeria.

“The benefit of the product includes enhancing and promoting the deliciousness of our meals, it is economical, it reduces salt intake and it is rich in glutamate one of the free amino acids,” he stated



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