SAA Urges Nigerian Youths to Take Up Career in Aviation


    South African Airways (SAA) has urged students in the secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria to see the aviation sector as an area where they could build their career.

    The Regional Manager, SAA, Mr. Ohis Ehimiaghe, made this call, noting that opportunities abound in the sector, so students can start early enough to prepare themselves in choosing a career in the sector.

    “So, you can be anything you chose to be in this industry as well, why everybody is looking at other industries and sectors, this is an untapped industry, this is an industry that has great potential for every one of you, so am encouraging you to key into it, tap into it and make the best of it”.

    Ehimiaghe, was speaking at the grand finale of the secnd South African Airways Essay Competition in conjunction with Travel and Business News in Lagos, and noted that the aviation industry was not only complex but also very interesting, adding that all those who have participated in writing and emerged as finalists to defend their write-ups have been exposed to the industry called aviation.

    “Part of your history is that there is something called aviation. The sector is a huge industry and very complex industry and extremely interesting industry.

    “You want to be a medical doctor in the future, we have medical doctors working in the aviation sector, you want to be engineers? who do you think makes those aircraft, they are engineers.

    ‘You want to work in the travel and tourism industry? The potential is there, so what we are saying in essence is that this little essay that you have written have exposed you to the fact that there is an industry called aviation which is wide and huge, the opportunities in aviation industry is humongous”.

    National Sales Manager, SAA, Mrs. Kemi Leke-Bamtefe said, South African Airways was proud to be associated with the Travel and Business news as the chief sponsor of the essay on a yearly basis because the airline believes in youth empowerment and development as this is what drives them as an airline.

    Miss Sharon Onuebuka of the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA) School emerged the winner of essay competition.
    Onuebuka, was named the winner after defeating nine other contestants in a quiz competition with her essay: ‘Youths participation in Nigeria Democracy,’ and was rewarded with the sum of N150,000 while she would also have the opportunity to travel to South Africa with the airline on business class with one of her parents.