ISL Seeks Selfless Leadership


    Ugo Aliogo

    The Institute of Supervision and Leadership (ISL) has called for selfless leadership among political officer holders, adding that such leadership would promote inclusiveness and consider the consequences of its policies and action in the society.

    The call was made recently at the Institute’s 9th Membership Induction and Inauguration of Fellows in Lagos.

    In his presentation titled: ‘‘Inclusive Supervision and Leadership: Pathway to Socio-Political Development,’ the Lead Speaker, Dr. Kayode Bowale, said leadership in the 21st century Nigeria was found in families, corporate bodies, religious organisations and all classes of stakeholders, such as the low income earners, middle income earners, high income earners, political class and civil society.

    According to him, if leadership seed is well-cultivated, productivity, peace and robust value system would be achieved in any of these areas.

    He also stated that to set the country on the pathway to socio-political development, the leadership of the arms of government must as a matter of necessity and urgency, reorder the value system and make sacrifice for the general good.

    In his remarks, a Senior lecturer at the Covenant University, Dr. Bowale, called for paradigm shift in attitudinal values of leaders to enable the country navigate its way out of the current socio-economic challenges.
    He explained that the country was in an era when sacrifice takes upper hand than wealth acquisition and service takes pride of place in social life of the people.

    The event also featured group discussions in which participants listed greed, selfishness, moral and political corruption and lack of vision as some of the hindrances to good leadership in the country.

    In his address, the Acting Registrar of the ISL, Mr. George Okoroafor, informed participants that the Institute has attained affiliation with the American Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership (CIML) and would press on with the promotion of the education of effective supervision and transformational leadership all over the world to enable members achieve commitment to quality of life, work and society.