High Performance Training for CONTEC Global Staff in Abuja, At the Centre is Vice President, Human Resources, Mr. Satya Prakash Singh, L-R are Senior Mgt Staff: Mr. Vijay Kumar, Mr. Tunde Sanwo, Mrs. Lynette Kifordu-Osi and Mr. Akintunde Segun, at the training.

Towards improving the capacity of its staff in the fast paced competitive technology era, the Management of Contec Global, a multinational outfit headquartered in London with corporate offices in Lagos, Abuja and spread across Asia, America, Africa and Europe over the week end in Abuja concluded its high level performance capacity development workshop for its staff.

In her opening remarks, the Acting Managing Director of Continental Transfert Technique Limited (CTTL), Ms. Faridah Adam Ali, while introducing the Vice President (VP), Human Resources of the Group, Mr. Satya Prakash Singh, urged the participants to key into the company’s new architectural team work for the purpose of delivering on the company’s goals, mission and vision.

According to her, the training which is the first in second quarter for its staff cuts across the company’s subsidiaries, which include, the Human Resources, Information Technology (IT), Media/Corporate, Finance/Accounts, Agro Staff (CGAL) and Facility/ Logistics department.

In his remark, Mr. Singh, reputed as a world class human development capacity expert, while underscoring the importance of the topic: ‘Effective Team for High Performance’ said the synergy of middle level cadre and manager’s role across developing countries have changed dramatically over the last 15 years, stressing: “This change stems from the realization that old management techniques and styles are no longer effective given the changes taking place in peoples’ attitudes about work.”

Mr. Singh, explained that it has imperative to empower employees as is the practice in Contec Global with performance reviews and establishing teams across all its subsidiaries to solve problem, refine processes, plan and make timely decisions about how a particular segment of the business will be managed to achieve the company’s corporate goal.

The VP, who acknowledged employees as assets to overall national development, said: “You constantly need to develop yourselves within and outside as these will multiply your output to productivity. Put the knowledge gained here today into practice as I’m here to ignite your synergy for effective team for higher productivity.

The Human Resource guru deployed the birds and geese illustrations to demonstrate in graphic perspective the essence of leadership, trust, team work and complimentary roles of staff in any organization. The training was accompanied with breakout sessions of three groups to resolve a timely crisis situation.

Speaking at the margin of the training, Ms. Habiba Hamza Ahmed, a new staff of CGAL, commended the management for the value addition to knowledge which involves practical application of natural phenomenon (birds) on their all inclusive leadership style. On her part, Miss Nkechi Udensi, in her remark, said: “The training was beneficial as I learnt a lot from it. I would appreciate if it can come on quarterly basis.

Management staff at the event included: Messrs. Tunde Ayasanwo, Akintude Olusegun, Vijaya Kumar Kosaraju and Mrs. Lynette Kifordu-Osi. Contec Global debuted in Nigeria with security technology solution, it has delved into energy, hospitality and agriculture. It is record that it became the first company to have established the AfriOne handset which became a household name and also widely accepted across the country. CGAL has taken giant strides towards solving some of the age long agricultural challenges in Nigeria. These ranges from soil degradation due persistent application of chemical fertilizer to poor yields due to lack of competence technology.