There is no dark cloud in Biodun Mcgregor’s colourful sky. Contrary to rumours that alleged such, the fate of the mother of a beautiful set of twins, offers gossip merchants very little material for scorn. Despite her luck in the realm of love and romance; Biodun, according to sources very close to her, had never been happier in her life.
She is single and very happy. Biodun will never be short of admirers; thanks to her resilient beauty and allure.

Biodun is a woman to love. Among other perks, her beauty, for some, provides escape. It offers ecstasy akin to that felt by the famished on sighting China plates at the head of a sumptuous feast. She slid to acclaim when sometime back, got pregnant and delivered a beautiful set of twins and the finger pointed at a popular former governor. In the wake of the incident, Biodun’s fortunes turned for the better, and the world grew cozier and more amenable to her desires, like a garden grown to full bloom.

The news set the blogosphere on fire, literally though. However, some friends and family of Biodun debunked the rumour linking her to the former governor. She has since put the ugly episode behind her and now forges ahead with life with beautiful twins in tow. Pretty and conscious of it, Biodun methodically milks her beauty to advantage.