• Moves Spouse To Tears With Romantic Gift

When praise is undeserved, it becomes scandal in disguise. When it is deserved, it adorns the recipient with epaulets of joy, garnishing his/her soul and soothing the psyche as the Malayan falls soothes the core of the steadfast monk. Yes, Tonye’s wife, Sylvia deserves some accolades! She is neither a monk nor an Asian nun but she definitely knows what it is to be courted and feted to unsolicited praise.

To Sylvia, it probably feels like she had him ordered and delivered to her, to be worshipped and revered. On this note, it may be said that Tonye is Sylvia’s idol. And this is where it gets interesting; Julius also considers her a boon from God.

The wealthy dude treasures her like a priceless heirloom – this explains his predilection to flaunt her like a sapphire-studded wristwatch or buttonhole bouquet to the world. Tonye, one of the three wise men behind Sahara Group, recently unleashed a fountain of praise on his ravishing wife on their 23rd wedding anniversary.

Tonye seized the moment to serenade his beautiful wife with a beautiful song. With unrestrained fervour, Tonye unclothed his wife’s uncommon virtues and dressed her in a garment of love and enameled praise. He gifted her a brand new Mercedes SUV worth over multimillion naira.

Tonye shared videos and photos of the car gift presentation on his Instagram page with an adorable ode to his wife. Predictably, the oil mogul’s show of love drew his wife close to tears.

She never envisaged such rare display of love from her heartthrob. The passion she experienced from her husband was what scholars and classical romantics imbued with eternal fervour of timeless truths and poetics. Very few mortals encounter it and succeed in making sense of it and sustaining it. But Tonye internalised it and evolved with it.

Then he expertly deployed it to celebrate the woman he proudly appreciates as his better half. According to him, every moment spent with his wife further establishes her as the miracle that God had wrought to sweeten his life. He minced no words to assert that she was the kind of woman whose love could only happen on a man once in a thousand seasons.

People who saw them marveled at the romantic display of love by the billionaire businessman; men quietly took notes about how to treat and celebrate the women in their lives and several women silently prayed that they encounter such rare display of love towards them from their husbands and sweethearts.