Pottersland School graduands in a photograph with staff during the 2018 graduation ceremony in Lagos

Mary Nnah

It was a beautiful display of various talents and skills as youngsters staged various performances during the valediction and award ceremony of the Pottersland Schools, Lekki, Lagos, which held at the Orchid Hotel.

Highlights of the event included special fax display, orchestra, choreography, ballet, French presentation and many more.
Speaking at the event, the school’s director, Mrs. Oyebusola Olanubi, disclosed that there was a lot of improvement in the students’ level of confidence, adding that the students would go places with the level of talents displayed at the event.

“I believe the children would go places and I thank the teachers for putting up a beautiful event,” Olanubi said.

She noted, “Our mission, vision and values provide focus and direction to staff, learners, parents as well as all stakeholders throughout the Potterslanders community.”

While thanking the teachers for meeting up to expectations, Olanubi stressed that the institute is committed to the total development of every child.

She said, “We believe that it is extremely important to provide a loving, open-door environment that allows the children to feel safe and respected, and which also welcomes them, their family and friends.

“The issue of openness and how we welcome is of great importance for the subtle but powerful lessons that are learnt in such moments by our children.”

Olanubi said every child has a potential and can learn anywhere but identifying how a child can learn best was key.

Pottersland’s vision is to create early childhood learning experiences that prepare children for success and build a solid foundation and passion for life- long learning.