L-r: Martha Onyebuchi APCON; Florence Atunwa Olumodimu, Program Director DIGIFYPRO; Qhakaza Mthembu, Head Of Strategy, DIGIFYAFRICA; Eki Adzufeh and Executive Director Mipan; Ms Omoeige PWC, at the event

Ayodeji Ake

Digify Africa PRO Nigeria, a digital training not-for-profit initiative in partnership with Facebook said it will train young graduates waiting for employment on intensive Digital Marketing training programme.

The programme will equip 20 smart Nigerian graduates between the age of 20 to 30 years old.

However, the programme is slated to hold for eight weeks with digital workplace and it will bring in agencies within the industry to impact some necessary skills in them.
According to Head of Strategy DigifyPro, Qhakaza Nthembu, “What we find in South Africa when we launched this initiative Digify Africa is that the university training is quite theoretical.

“When young people and graduates enter the industry with a lot of theories and not so much in the practical, they find it difficult to take up some practical challenge.

“So, we plan to merge both the theory and the practical skills, which is not so difficult in the course of the digital training, so they can have much experience.

“Meanwhile the program will also enlighten them and they can learn a lot of basics of social media, introduction to content creation, advertising page, web design and then also how to apply all they’ve learnt.

“The industry support is very vital and that is why we would bring the agencies within the industry each week to give some live brief to the young selected graduates on what the agencies are currently working on or a challenge they are currently experiencing which will be thrown out to them for them to apply all the knowledge they have learnt.

“Of course, they need to put that which they’ve been trained into practice and then present right back to agencies.”
The programme director at Digify Nigeria, Florence Olumodimu said “our end goal is to inject the Nigerian advertising industry with well-trained DigifyPRO graduates who bring with them a new burst of energy and critical cutting-edge skills.

“However, this year’s training is a more advanced digital skill program which is an eight weeks intensive digital skills training.
“In 2016, digify was in Nigeria which was a one day program so a lot of people are familiar with it and we trained over 20, 000 Nigerians then, but now, this one is very intensive one.

Olumodimu further noted that the intensive training on digital skills, employability skills and how to pass interviews alongside different things will enable the young graduates at the end of the training apply for a minimum of three month internship with different agencies in other to implement what have been impacted during the course of training.