The Pacific Schools, Shasha-Akowonjo, Lagos in its 15th Valedictory Service/Graduation ceremony released a set of young people it described as ‘Titans of the 21st century’.

The Principal, Mr. Andrew Mekwunye in his remarks, attributed the problems of high rate of unemployment as well as the unemployability of the Nigerian educated populace to the wholesome adoption and application of an environmentally-irrelevant curriculum for the Nigerian society.

According to him, “unemployment was alien and strange to the traditional Nigerian society until the missionaries and the colonial government introduced a static and sterile curriculum that is of no cultural relevance to Nigeria.”

He said education is expected to equip people with the relevant skills for survival in every society, adding that it should be able to transmit cultural heritage, moral and spiritual values, innovations, problem-solving techniques, job creation, social responsibility, political participation, among other skills.

“The use of non-functional curriculum is the major source of the multiplicity of the social, educational and economic crises that the country is battling with today. Europe, Asia, America and other countries are already investing more than 26 per cent of their annual budgets towards restructuring educational curriculum to make it more functional and practical-oriented for job creation and it should vary from one community to another.”

Mekwunye said countries like Singapore, Brazil, China among others that have overhauled their educational sector through massive investment are today reaping the benefits, adding that it has helped to reduce unemployment and crime rates in these countries.

He however warned that history and posterity will not vindicate the past, present and future government if nothing is done to restructure the dysfunctional curriculum.

The guest speaker, Mr. Sunday Enikanselu in his address titled, ‘Literacy Answers it All’, said Nigeria’s attainment of improved social policy and economic development depended much on the development of the intellectual capacities of Nigerian youths using literacy education, adding that the purpose of education can only be effectively achieved through the promotion of quality literacy education in the country.

According to him, “Literacy education laced with critical skills are the prerequisite for quality education and tools for advancement of knowledge. The youths need improved skills to navigate the 21st century global community. The youths must embrace literacy activities and develop their creative abilities through numerous cognitive activities and practical applications of knowledge to solve problems. Without these skill, they will not be able to successfully participate in the global economy as active citizens.”

The Chairman, Board of Trustees, Mr. Remi Omosowon congratulated the graduates for the successful completion of their primary and secondary education, saying that their academic sojourn in the school was to prepare them for a purposeful life.

“Today you stand out and have an edge over your peers because your parents decided to give you an edge over your peers by putting you in a school where you have got the best in terms of knowledge and character. We can celebrate today because we believe you have been equipped to succeed in the next level.

He admonished them to be change agents, impact their world positively and remain focused even in the face of challenges

The Head Boy, Master Sanni Oluwasegun in his speech appreciated their parents, teachers and non-teaching staff for their support and the successful completion of their secondary education. He noted that “the reason why we succeed or fail in life is the type of people who we are surrounded by.”

He encouraged the students to work hard, stressing that “success is not achieved by playing around, but by consistent hard work and perseverance.”