Ayodele Fayose

Loud Whispers

I am writing at 4am this morning with so much glee. The Ekiti elections have come and gone and a presumed winner has emerged. We have seen all sort of gloating especially the unfortunate one allegedly issued by the EFCC amongst others. But the truth here is that although Fayose may have lost that battle, he seems to have won the conscience of the people. For me, my respect for the gentleman is at its highest levels, simply because he has very unlike the grain, stood very firmly in his beliefs, refusing to shift his grounds and fought to the very end – tear gas or no tear gas without compromising his principles. These for a lot of Nigerians are all hallmarks of rare greatness especially in this clime of cowardly politicians who shift and move almost on a daily basis following self-interest. For me and I am sure millions more, Fayose despite his unconventional ways, provides for us a rare reliability with which we can aspire to build our dreams and this is why I am saying this morning that we should not cry or laugh at Fayose for something tells me, that this is only just the beginning of this drama. Fayose still has an effective role to play in opposition politics. His boldness, seeming lack of fear and courage would go a long way in galvanising the opposing camp towards rendering effective opposition which is what is needed in our politics today. This story has only just begun. Welldone Sir.



Did you guys see the full page advertorial published by the Man of God asking both parties to make him their consensus candidate quoting as usual revelation from one god only him listens to and can hear. This kind of thing now, if I talk they will say I am disrespecting elder or how do you explain this this one. Me I am thinking that all those years of using chemicals on the head, looking for the perfect jerry curls must have finally done something to the brain, please don’t take offence o or how else can you explain this move. That both major parties should collapse their structures and declare him their candidate simply because he can speak English o, not even better English but that type that only him and that Edo man or maybe Wole Soyinka usually understands. See, my Pastor, these are real serious times in this country. The country is going to the dogs as a result of visionless drivers and all we are getting from people like you is this comedic turn that is not even funny. You already are the consensus candidate in your church; that should be enough for you. please stay there and continue with your dance and song routine and let us concentrate on the very serious task of looking for very serious-minded and visionary leaders that will guide us out of this wahala we have found ourselves. The beautiful ones are not yet born. Sad.


I am from Akwa Ibom State o, even though I have adopted Shomolu as my homeland, I am truly an Ibibio man who still enjoys the delicacy that is Afang. The other day, I saw a report of our very influential ex- governor, Chief Akpabio who recently was once again endorsed as the undisputed candidate for the Senate in his Senatorial district. That Akpabio did relatively well during his tenure as governor of our state is not in dispute and I am sure it is that leverage he still has that continues to give him massive influence in the state. But wait o, I noticed something in the statement, while reeling out the benefits of his representation to the people, he counted the number of boreholes he had dug. This struck me o. borehole? As main achievement in this day and age? This digital age and he did not stop at that, he called it uncommon representation. If you ask me, I will call it uncommon s…….. (call me so I can tell you the meaning of what I just blanked out, I don’t have money to hire lawyer, I dey find school fees). When will we wake up to the shenanigans of these toy soldiers? When will our people rise up in unity and in oneness and chase out the Pharisee and scribes who continue to dominate us . ooooooooo? I have risen up to the mountain top – in Martin Luther King’s voice – and I have a dream, that one day, ohhhhhhh one day, abeg make I go chop, I am hungry. Mbok, Akpabio continue no vex. Continue with your uncommon boreholes.



I have never had the good fortune of ever meeting with a Presidential Candidate in this my life. The closest was seeing Alhaji Atiku Abubakar at Habib bank where I used to work and that time, he was not yet an aspirant; he was a bank customer. So you can imagine my glee when I put in a call to Dr. Byron and he picked it. We had fruitful discussions and he accepted to come give a talk at the next Afang Summit. The Afang Summit is a platform that allows for the cohesive discussions of Nigerian politics with a view to creating and building structures of engagement that should lead to a reawakening of the civil society. It is an adjunct of the Duke’s Summit. The Duke’s Summit is on online platform with membership spreading across young professionals and counting two gubernatorial candidates, three Senators, two former Presidential spokespersons, top Journalists and captains of industry. Discussions are usually very robust and unhinged and you must be intellectually strong to withstand the major grilling that comes with the sessions. I am very sure Dr. Byron has the capacity to hold his own at the forum. Will keep you guys posted. Thank you.



I have just read that the EFCC have increased the charges against you by over N5 billion. I am really sad at this development o, what are we going to do,  really have no other advise than to tell you to take it to God in prayers. Not the Pentecostal type of prayers o because that one na psychedelic, you will go to jail, but the fire by fire type. Because these figures we are seeing and hearing no be small thing anyways, you belong to the right party there should be no problem. Have fun.