Ken Nwosu
Many years ago as a growing child, I had a checklist of who my future wife would be. I fantasized about name, profession and complexion. I dreamt of a friend, lover and mother. I happened to share the thoughts with a fellow teenager who was then my best friend.

He didn’t waste time to tell me that it wasn’t possible. I didn’t believe him even as I was not sure if I believed myself. Years down the line, here are my, having the best time of my life on account of marriage to a woman, Lady Juliet Onyekachi Nwosu, LSC, who I never dreamt of knowing as at the time I was teenage-fantasizing!
Honey, you came into my life and re-packaged me and made me dream of touching the sky. I always marvel at your dexterity in handling multiple assignments. Your multitasking skill is extraterrestrial. You remind me of the virtues foretold by wisdom of the ancients.

You have hospitality as a second nature, little wonder you have made our modest home a transit camp as in the mould of Young Men Christian Association and Young Women Christain Association (YMCA/YWCA) of yore. You devote your time to caregiving and reserve time to attend to issues of life. One can argue that your training as a nurse, midwife and medical anesthetist may have prepared you for the roles you are playing, but I differ because it goes further than that.

Like Florence Nightingale, you have the passion to tend, nurture and recreate all things that come in contact with you. Nothing comes to you and remains the same; notably for the better. I can go on and on. I lack words to convey the kids and my humble self’s appreciation for all your love, care and devotion that have seen us bond into a strong unit in spite of my frequent trips and tours in and around the world.

You have kept the home front intact to the amazement of not just me but other close watchers. I have but my love to offer. I offer same wholeheartedly without reserving any for anyone else. This milestone tickles me for so many reasons. Let me save them for our quiet time. The sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo

May have had you and his irrepressible wife, Mama H.I.D in mind when he coined the timeless phrase that is the title of this write up; JEWEL OF INESTIMABLE VALUE! Happy birthday, Lady Juliet Onyekachi Nwosu, LSC, my love for all seasons! as you clock 40 on Sunday, July 22.
*Nwosu is Chief Superintendent of Police, writes from Abuja.