Propertymart Ends Special Price Offer for Fairmont Housing Scheme


By Bennett Oghifo

A special promotion offer for early subscribers of Propertymart’s Fairmont Lekki housing scheme will come to a close last Friday, according to officials of the company.

Managing Director, Deji Fasuwon said the special price offer ought to have ended prior to that date but for the massive turnout of interested buyers, coupled with the company’s desire to give more people opportunity to grab a piece of Fairmont on the Lekki corridor.

Fasuwon said the promise of providing ideal housing in order to cut the country’s housing deficit was a factor in extending the promo by more weeks in keeping with the need to allow more people to participate in the unique offer.

It should be recalled that the property company in a surprise move according to property market players and observers, decided to sell the Fairmont Lekki land at one of the most affordable prices when compared to other property firms playing in the area.

Aside the one-off payment of N12.8 million for those willing to purchase at a go, customers can also pay the same price under a 5-year or 60 months duration with an initial payment of N640,000 and a staggered arrangement which allows subsequent payments to be broken down to make it affordable for the discerning Nigerian who desires to live around the Lekki corridor and be close to Victoria Island and Ikoyi business districts.

He said though the discounted offer window will be closed, the land will continue to be sold at its normal market price of 16.8 million naira.

When asked why the company is currently focused on land sale in a proposed gated estate with world class infrastructure as opposed to finished housing, Fasuwon said focusing on land sale with staggered payment option, offers easy access to credible real estate investments for the young and upwardly mobile Nigerians, while availing opportunity to scale their building projects to their taste and cost appetite. He further said that the low price being offered for land at a corridor like Lekki was a deliberate effort as they see the provision of lands to the people as more of a need than profit consideration, adding that this is why it is first offered at promo price which is low and certain to appreciate very quickly. He believes that the rush for the Fairmont land at the promo price has been driven by the need to immediately obtain price appreciation at the end of the promo period which is slated for July 13, 2018. Thereafter, the price of Fairmont Lekki land immediately appreciates by over 30% to 16.8 million.

When asked why the company is aggressively pursuing its current housing strategy in the Lekki area which is believed to be a zone for the rich and upper middle class, Mr. Deji Fasuwon said: “generally, when people think of affordable housing, people think about  urban slums with run-down, cheap houses and apartments where people live without having to resort to homelessness, for us at PropertyMart, affordable housing means having access to innovative real estate products which offers value for money while delivering a well-planned, secure and descent housing, where living standard is not only enhanced, but real estate investment speedily appreciates.”  Lekki is reputed to be the fastest growing corridor in Africa as it will soon be home to the biggest port, the biggest refinery, one of the most beautiful and eco-friendly airports in Africa and a free trade zone which is already oversubscribed by future-oriented local and global businesses. To this end, there has been concerted efforts by the state government to provide road infrastructure around the corridor given that it is already a high traffic route– one that holds a significant economic benefit and potential to accommodate mass influx.

Beyond the above, the projected vision for the Fairmont Estate is a private living community for those who cherish serenity, splendor, space and security. The estate is planned to avail residents a romance with nature with a large Estate Park that has lavish lush greens with large walk-ways. Subscribers to the offer will also get a chance to live in customised homes with open frontage such as seen in Citiview Estate and other highbrow Estate within the Lekki area.

Mr. Fasuwon said, “As a first step, we are offering affordable land for sale with an innovative and accessible payment structure for the young and upwardly mobile who are looking for good and affordable value on the Lekki corridor but who do not have the ability to put down bulk sum for land or be left at the mercy of land-grabbers via the antics of traditional land owners – the Omo-onile. We are doing this because, we believe at Propertymart, that affordable housing that actually benefits a community is not cheap housing, but more about value for money. It’s housing that a person could pay for within their price range without going bankrupt and feel safe and satisfied with. We believe that an affordable house can be a dream villa and should be a place where you and your family can comfortably live happily and grow – hence our aggressive pursuit with Fairmont Lekki land sale.”

Fasuwon said young and upwardly mobile Nigerians can still take advantage of the Fairmont promo till July 13, 2018 as there will be immediate price appreciation and glaring benefits for those who buy into the Fairmont offer during the promo period.