World Cup Foibles



By  Ebere Wabara

VANGUARD COMMENT of July 3 offered readers the following misprints: “Coming 25 years after the military junta (sic) led by General Ibrahim Babangida torpedoed the sovereign will of the Nigerian electorate….”

“…their efforts will never in vain (be in vain).”

From DStv Russia 2018 leaflet come the next two blunders: “World class (World-class) experts and “pre & post match analysis” Connect with greatness: pre- & post-match analyses (take note of the vital hyphenation and plurality)

DAILY SUN of June 21 takes over: “More recognitions awaits (sic) you sir.” ‘Recognition’ is uncountable.

“Management and staff of Wilangy Group wish to congratulate Dr. Onyishi for (on/upon) successfully completing….”

DAILY SUN Editorial of June 21 disseminated a faux pas: “According to the Customs Area Comptroller…all commands were given the marching order (given marching orders) to ensure that all illegal routes used by smugglers….” And this: are there legal routes for smugglers? So, yank off “illegal”.

The next flaw is from South East News: “On his preparedness to replace Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe at the red chamber in 2019, Wabara said he has (had) all it takes to be at the Senate….”

“These projects had been in (on) the drawing board for a while since….” (DAILY Sun Editorial, June 20)

“Unilever celebrates school pupils” (DAILY SUN headline flaw, June 19) ‘School pupils’? I feel like throwing up. Gosh!

“People want to introduce religious gymnastic (gymnastics) into politic (politics)”

Politics & Power of the preceding edition collects the baton: “Rivers APC faction vows to submit delegates (delegates’) list for convention”

“Wike commissions (inaugurates) civil servants’ quarters”

“Enugu first lady (First Lady) decries children (children’s) molestation, urges love”

DAILY Sun Editorial of June 11 issued the following howler: “We decry the poor participation in the scheme by state governments and call on the workers in the affected states to demand for their rights from the governors.” When used as a noun, ‘demand’ does not take ‘for’. Therefore, delete ‘for’ from the extract.

“The outcome of the meeting…has given a lot of hope to majority (a/the majority) of members who….” (Politics & Power, June 11)

“Governors elected under (on) SDP platform” (Full-page advertorial, DAILY SUN, June 11, signed by Boss Mustapha, Secretary to the Government of the Federation)

“Russia don’t (doesn’t) dictate for (to) me, says Syrian president (President)”

“Dariye was found guilty and convicted on 15 out of the 23-count bothering (bordering) on criminal breach of trust and….” (DAILY Sun, June 13) ‘Bothering’ for ‘bordering’ is grammatical fraud and demonstrates poverty of language!

From DAILY Sun Editorial of June 13 come the next two inaccuracies: “The NUC must do more to curb the springing up of illegal universities in (on) our shores.”

“At the same thing (time), the action of the NUC was a little bit belated because….”

THISDAY Front Page of June 23 disseminated four flaws: “Barring any last minute (last-minute) change….”

“After series (a series) of consultations failed to secure endorsement (an endorsement) for a consensus list of aspirants yesterday….”

“Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has officially flagged off (kicked off) the move to pick the presidential ticket of the PDP….”

“…where he had gone for an (a) haircut.”

“The judiciary is beginning to tow (toe) the line of the executive by throwing the law overboard….”

“A source close to Abaribe had also suggested that the arrest may not be unconnected to (with) his constant criticism of….”

“Another feather to (in) your cap….” (Full-page congratulatory message by Heyden Petrochemical Limited, THISDAY, Saturday, June 23)

“The journalist turned entrepreneur (journalist-turned-entrepreneur) shares his grass to grace (grass-to-grace) story with….” (Source: as above)

“I do not believe in acquiring property for the sake of bequeathing same (the same) to children.”

“It is a thing of joy for us, who believe only in excellence to see such award (an award) being made (given) to a person who truly deserves….”

“Trophy Lager launches ‘Raise a Trophy’ (Raise-a-Trophy) campaign for Super Eagles”

“FG orders security beef up (beef-up) at airports” (DAILY Sun Front Page Banner, June 19) “2019: APC battle ready” (DAILY Sun Front Page Screamer, June 25) The ruling party is battle-read-y, hopefully!

DAILY Sun Editorial of June 28 circulated two lapses: “…the 36 states thereafter have increased their domestic indebtedness from N1.71 trillion as of (at) December 2014 to N3.35 trillion as at end of 2017.”

“Such funds should not be misappropriated or diverted to other use (sic),…” Voice of The Nation: expunge ‘to other use (sic)’, which is encapsulated in ‘diversion’!

“Don’t sleep with strangers, lawmaker warns Russia (Russian) women” “Nigeria no walkover, Messi warns Argentina (Argentine) teammates”

“Obituary announcement” (Full-page advertorial by Alders league & friends, Vanguard, June 14) Get it right:’ obituary’ is an announcement.

“…gives operators 30 days to obtain roadworthy (roadworthiness) certificates” (DAILY Sun Front Page Sub-headline, July 2)

“Insecurity and 2019 general elections” (DAILY Sun Editorial Headline, July 2) Already dissected

“…Prof. Attahiru Jega gave similar (a similar) warning that….” (Source: as above)

“Seeing what transpired at the convention ground where literarily (literally) compelled and blackmailed to pull out of the race following the emergence of….” (Politics & Power, July 2)

From July 2 Back Page Public Forum of DAILY Sun flows this: “Before the year ends, there will be more killings. Yes, more killings, and another round of blames, wails, sorrows, and tears. For how long will this (these) continue?”

The next three mistakes are from DAILY Sun Editorial of July 4: “The authorities of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, have finally brought to a closure (close) the months-long sex-for-marks scandal involving one of its lecturers….”

“In the same vein, female students…should concentrate in (on) their studies.”

“The sexual harassment of students represents the height of personal indiscretion and an antithesis of (to)….”

“Nigeria: Before the curtail (curtain) falls”

“However, what is required is immediate military response against (to) the herdsmen.”

“ActionAid hands-over (hands over) N35.5m livelihood projects” Phrasal verbs do not admit hyphenation.

“The party’s flag-bearer (standard-bearer) in the forthcoming governorship election in Ekiti State….” (Classic FM 97.3, 11.15 a, m. News, Tuesday, July 10)

“But to put the matter in proper perspective (in proper perspectives or in a proper perspective, depending on contextualization)….”

“MFM GO commissions (inaugurates/auspicates/launches) medical centre, hands over to MTU”.