Nigerian Students Protest in Cambridge


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Troubled by the incessant killings across Nigeria and the recent carnage in Plateau State, some Nigerian students in Cambridge, UK took to the streets of Cambridge to call for action from the Nigerian government.

The protesting students stated that the government had been indecisive in resolving the security challenges in Nigeria; urging it be more proactive in its approach against the killers.

Drawn from different academic disciplines, the demonstrators displayed placards with different inscriptions to highlight the necessity of their protest. Some of their placards read: ‘Justice for Plateau’; ‘We are united against killings’; ‘Stop the killings, our lives matter’.

Some of the protesters said that the growing threat of insecurity and killings in the country was a major put-off for foreign investors.

They also claimed that the country’s state of security was driving many especially in Canada.

They hoped that the government would intensify efforts at curtailing the killings.