Pro-Democracy Group Tells Saraki to Leave  APC


Coordinator of a pro-democracy group, Youth Arise for Good Governance (YAGG), Abdullahi Yahaya, has urged Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, to leave the All Progressives Congress (APC) rather than remaining with a party that is already fractured and damaged.

In a statement signed yesterday, Yahaya said the first precautionary step for anyone who just survived a storm of such magnitude is to seek a fair haven, not staying in a house that has been severely damaged by storm.

“If such house collapses, he dies and would be regarded as a fool who survives a storm but got killed by an avoidable disaster.

“The APC’s house is already shattered by a self-inflicted storm; the house is falling like a house of cards, now is the best time for Saraki and his allies to move forward to seek a fair haven.”

The group added that it was also more worrisome that all the travails were inflicted on Saraki by the political party he largely contributed to its formation and played a major role in its coming to power by leading the N-PDP bloc out of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which sent the PDP out of power in 2015.

“I think the best decision for the Senate President, after all these, is to dust his shoes and move forward to a better place where he would be better respected and appreciated.”

“The whole war against Saraki was a big embarrasment to the image of the country and the government in power, the APC. When the party is supposed to be working together to rebuild  and fulfil its campaign promises, its leaders were dissipating energy on a needless fight against the Senate President, like market women.

“Now the result of the fight is evident with the economy crumbling daily, security situation getting worse, and Nigeria sitting in shame as a country with extreme poverty.”

“If Saraki, who dared all odds, left certainty in the PDP for uncertainty in the APC, toiled, campaigned, planned, and was a major contributor and vociferous advocate for the coming to power of the APC, could be treated like a street urchin by the APC, and he decides to remain in the APC, he needs no prophet to tell him he has gotten a very sure recipe for his political funeral, the magnitude of which will leave him and his followers in an irrecoverable shock”.