LPSS Performs Lion King to Promote Arts, Music


Students of the Lagos Preparatory and Secondary School (LPSS), recently performed a show-stopping production of the famous Lion King musical to celebrate and promote drama and music.

The event, which was open to members of the public, provided an opportunity for both entertainment and inspiration.

In a statement, the school said: “The students in year six, some of whom will be progressing to boarding schools abroad, perform a musical each session and this year was no exception. The students will be graduating from the primary school, though many of them will continue their secondary education at LPSS. A musical production is part of the ‘graduating tradition’ to reflect a culmination of all they’ve learnt particularly in the area of music and drama during their time at LPSS.”

“This year’s event was special because the PTA subsidised the cost of the show to enhance the production values and support the fine work put in by the students. This was important as it was performed to members of the public outside the LPSS community and hopefully inspired them to implement similar performances in their own communities,” the statement added.

The school said this was one of the many ways the PTA has partnered with it in recent times. “They have supported science by donating a fume cupboard, a Van de Graaff generator and an accurate measuring balance; encouraged sports by purchasing over 25 boxes of sporting equipment for the children and aided IT by providing numerous tablet computers to be used by the children in the school. This production has given the PTA an opportunity to extend its generosity to the public.”

The Director of Music, Mrs. Caroline Disu adapted the story to create opportunities for every child in year six to play a part in the production. The choir and orchestra made up of other members of key stage two supported the play with their musical performances.

Music and drama are just two of the many ways the school seeks to celebrate the arts. Languages are another area of investment and as such, with the support of the French Government, the school said it will be sending some staff to France and England over the summer for further training. The school will also be offering Mandarin, Spanish and Italian as modern foreign languages from September this year, in addition to French and the Nigerian languages already on offer.