June 12 Movie Ready


By Ferdinand Ekechukwu

Whenever the event of June 12, 1993 poll is mentioned, one name that easily comes to mind is MKO Abiola. The reason to that is not farfetched. He is the acclaimed winner of the presidential election that checkered Nigeria’s democratic terrain till date. Now imagine a feature film about that memorable incident without ‘Abiola’, the protagonist of that political episode, as the central focus of the story.

That might just be the twist of the movie which is set to capture the exigencies, realities and the intricacies that shaped that political period and eventually marked as defining moment in Nigeria’s political history. This the Young Nigerians Against Greed (YNAG), the producing platform of the eponymous ‘June 12’ movie, explained at a press meeting to flag off the movie project. According to them, it’s a movie set to capture the pre, during and aftermath of the landmark June 12 election.

Interestingly, the handlers of the ‘June 12’ movie project claimed it is not politically motivated neither is it government sponsored. In their words, “It is about the realities of the Nigerian political situation from the 1993 election debacle. It brings to clarity the events that marked this historical watershed based on the true life story.”

“This movie promises to cast the finest actors and actresses in the movie industry both local and international”, the producers further noted. Thus the search for the right crew and cast is on for interested persons should mail info@june12.website. On this movie project are seasoned Nollywood practitioners Sola Fosudo and Desmond Eliot as the directors, with Adeoye ‘Bakky’ Bakare and Edward Olutoke as the movie producers.