Firm Unveils New Energy Drink 

A new energy drink, Mamba, has been launched in the Nigerian market, with a mission to sweep the largest market share in the Nigerian energy drink sub-sector under one year.
The new drink, which further lends  hands to the tough competition in the sector proves to be unique in that it  connects with the key emotion points of consumers as it connotes power, elegance, formality, strength and authority.
 Launched amidst pomp and fanfare, the General Manager of Mamba Drinks Limited, Ms. Titilola Adedeji, stated that the product was carefully formulated exclusively for the Nigerian and African consumers. She added that Mamba is configured to align with the lifestyle choice of health-conscious consumers, because of its taurine content.
“The new product is more than just the typical energy drink. It contains Citric Acid, an oxidant which enhances skin tissue regeneration, smoothness and perfection. It is also healthy due to reduced caffeine and taurine content with increased Vitamin C.”
Adedeji stated further that the company has chosen to be strategic and creative with its market entry approach in a way that will establish the brand’s identity in the conscious and the subconscious mind of the average  energy drink consumers in the country.
Managing Director/CEO of the company, Mr. Ayo Ojuroye  explained that Mamba was the first energy drink formulated exclusively for the African consumer. He explained that the product announcement was delayed because of the need to test the market and lay a solid foundation for the products to ensure sustainability.
“We wanted to be sure that the product is going to have sustainability, because there have been a lot of players that have come in and gone. We believe this is the right time to officially launch the product” he said.
The product is presently available in Lagos State but plans are underway to extend sales to other parts of the country and outside the country.