Oyesiji: Cornflakes Can Prevent Heart Disease, Weight Loss



Rotimi Oyesiji is the General Manager, Marketing, NASCO Group. In this interview with Ayodeji Ake, he said Nigerians can prevent heart diseases and weight loss through cornflakes





Why is NASCO championing whole flaked cornflakes?


Firstly, yellow corn, which is the one grown in Nigeria is highly nutritious, much more than any other species of corn. It contains a number of benefits. Overweight persons can have weight loss with the dietary intake of whole flaked cornflakes. This is a proven fact because of the nutritional components it possesses. We also realised that there is rise in the incidence of heart diseases in the country, and intake of this flake can help in reducing issues relating to the heart.

It is rich in protein, vitamins, and can also help in maintaining lung health. Whole flakes are also very good in addressing malnutrition in children.


In the particular case of NASCO, we use Nigerian corn which is totally organic. They are not genetically modified corn and not imported. So these freshly used corn processed into flakes ensures that nutritional value of yellow corn is retained. The taste is actually flaked, and that is the reason for the unique taste experienced in the cornflakes.


NASCO cornflakes do not have any colouring, no additives and no preservatives, and that is the taste that Nigerians have come to recognize over the last 35 years that the brand has been delivering nutritional values and quality taste to them. In our thinking, these are some of the reasons why mothers have come to trust the NASCO brand of cornflakes.


What is the concept behind whole flaked?

One of the methods of producing cornflakes is the traditional method, which is why it is called cornflakes in the first place. What this means is that the yellow corn is used, (not just any corn). After flaking the corn, it is then toasted and packed, and what you then have is cornflakes. The other method of preparing cornflakes is the modern way which is cheaper. With this, the corn can be extruded. However, this is not our method. The concept of whole flaked cornflakes means the yellow corn that is flaked whole. We are the only cornflakes brand in this market that is Whole Flaked. We have made a careful choice to invest more in agronomy and improved production processes just to satisfy our consumers.


Kindly explain your assertion that NASCO Cornflakes are 100% real cornflakes?

We are clear that NASCO Cornflakes are real cornflakes, that is, real flaked organic yellow corn. As earlier stated, our production process is designed to flake the corn whole, so each flake that you get is a flake that is coming from one grain of organic corn. As such, it is 100 percent taste real cornflakes, meaning 100 percent real flakes of organic corn and that is why we are bold to tell the world that NASCO Cornflakes are 100 percent real cornflakes.


Are others not Cornflakes?

We are not saying others are not cornflakes. What we are saying is that ours is flaked corn, traditional cornflakes, the way cornflakes are made; which is you pick the yellow corn, the peak of the crop and flake it. Each flake that you find in NASCO cornflakes is one that is flaked and toasted and that is what then gives us that unique taste. We deem consumer enlightenment necessary to aid informed choices. As a brand, you must always educate your consumers. We need to also let consumers know why NASCO Cornflakes are what they are and the reason they have always stuck by it. That is why we came up with this Whole Flaked cornflakes campaign.


Any intention of coming up with other brands?

As most people know, we have always been a consumer marketing company. Many remember that, we are the first to come up with premium biscuits. If you recall, in the late 70s, we were the first to introduce premium biscuits in Nigeria and our premium biscuits are still around till today. As a matter of fact, they are very fast sellers. Of course in the process, we have also introduced some other biscuit brands, and we shall be coming up with even some more brands. We have always been innovative. Many people can also recall that in the 80s, we introduced the very popular NASCO Wafers.


Should the market be expecting more innovations from NASCO?

The answer is yes, just watch out. We have really exciting times ahead of us because we believe in the consumers, especially the Nigerian consumers.  We believe that the Nigerian consumer deserves the best at all times and we will spare no effort in giving the Nigerian consumers the best.


How long will your ongoing campaign run?

Our communications is not limited to the ongoing campaign. As long as we are in the market, we will constantly communicate with the consumers. As a matter of fact, our engagement with the consumer will even get into high gear now.