Ogun Police Arrest Boy for Defiling Physically Challenged Teenager for 4 Days


Rebecca Ejifoma
Operatives at the Adiyan Police Station, Ogun State, have arrested Azzez Abasi, 17, for brutally defiling a 19-year-old physically challenged girl for four days.

The alleged serial rapist of 18 Okaka Street at Adiyan was said to have invaded the girl’s house through the fence and raped the girl from May 16 to 20, knowing that she was always home alone.

According to the mother, Mrs. Selina, Abasi crept in her home on four different days, raped and threatened to kill her daughter if she told her father.

“I am doing my Master degree in Kaduna State. Once my husband and my son left home, we never knew that Abasi would jump over the fence from our neighbour’s compound to rape my vulnerable daughter.

“He searched and scattered our wardrobe and cleverly rearranged it. He defiled her through all parts of her body. He cleaned the place with my daughter’s towel and washed it afterwards,” she lamented.

The mother told THISDAY that her daughter was restless as a result of the psychological distress, adding that “she is still restless. They took advantage of my daughter’s vulnerability.”

She disclosed that her child has partial epilepsy, amnesia and a patient of Psychiatry Hospital Oshodi, Lagos. “My daughter also has memory failure. She stopped school because she began to have constant seizure,” Selina said.

However, the victim told THISDAY that “he enter my house from fence. He said he would kill me if I tell anyone. He did me many ‘bad things’ on my body. And he cleaned the place.”

According to the 19 years old, who could barely say it all, the boy violated her 20 times. “He came to my house for four days. Abasi entered mummy and daddy room and scattered it. He bathed in my house then went away.”

The Divisional Crime Officer of Adiyan Station Ogun State, Mr. Collins Ojo, confirmed that the boy was arrested but had been transferred to Agbado Station in the state.

“It is quite a pity. The boy actually perpetrated the crime. It is unfortunate. But the case has been transferred to Agbado Police Station,” he said.

When THISDAY contacted Mr. Omonijo Olatunji of Agbado Station, he stated that the case had been transferred to the State CID in Abeokuta, Ogun State.