US Film Maker Addresses Nigeria Maritime Issues in Documentary


The ‘Price of a Dream,’ a short documentary on the life of late Captain Romeo Itima and the challenges of the maritime industry in Nigeria, has premiered in Lagos.

The documentary, produced by United States based producer/film-maker, Kevin Itima, encapsulates maritime issues of waterways insecurity,  piracy, killings, kidnapping of vessels and environmental degradation and despoliation.

It also highlighted the contributions Itima, who gave his all towards surmounting the varied problems and unfortunately had to pay the ultimate price towards ensuring a better and safer Nigeria.

The documentary dwells extensively on the life and times of late Itima, a fulfilled mariner based in the United States who left his comfort zone and returned to Nigeria, his country to help solve the problems of piracy and other associated crimes plaguing the Nigerian territorial waters.

Addressing newsmen at the unveiling event, the Executive Producer of the documentary, Kevin Itima said his father, late  Romeo Itima, was  an inspiration and an example of a Nigerian who loved his country more than his own life.

“He created Global West Vessel Specialists Limited (GWVSL) a privatised maritime security company in 2009 as his contribution towards salvaging Nigeria’s maritime security domain. The company’s extremely high success rate in eradicating the corruption that poisoned Nigeria’s waterways brought an array of positive and negative attention.

“In the end, the love Captain Itima had for his people along with the vision he attempted to realise for his country sealed his own fate. Late Romeo was reportedly killed by pirates on the 7th of August, 2012 at Escravos, Delta State,” he said.

He added: “Late Romeo’s unconditional love and dream of a better Nigeria required the price of his life which he paid. Although accomplished, Captain Romeo sought for more. He returned to Nigeria with the incredible amount of knowledge he had gained from his experiences and created GWVSL, a privatised maritime security company comparable to the duties of the Coast Guard in the United States.”

“At the time, the issue of waterways insecurity was boiling and Captain Romeo, being an expert mariner decided to establish a company to combat the menace.

It was his own way of contributing towards the development of the maritime industry in Nigeria. Unfortunately, he died a mysterious death while on duty in Escravos, Delta State.

“Romeo dared to dream about a better Nigeria and worked towards it even though it cost him his life. Anybody can dream although the price of a dream sometimes is greater than what people are willing to pay.

“The documentary is produced not only to eulogise my father but also to encourage people that they can dare to dream. Ambition is what creates a legend and not circumstances. Though my father is no longer with us, his legacy lives on,” he said.